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A Gallery Of Warriors

This page is new, but the struggles of the people who will be on it are not.  Many people in our world are impacted by cancer.  This page will feature photos of people who are battling this disease, people who have beat it, people who have lost the fight, people who I have been blessed to know.  Anyone who has battled cancer is a warrior.  If you have cancer don't give up, be a warrior.  Be inspired by the people on this page.

If you or someone you know is battling or has beaten this, someone who you think should be featured on this page please contact me.  I will try to schedule a no charge photo shoot with me or another volunteer as soon as possible.  Thank you for honoring those featured on this page.

Click any photo to view the gallery it is featured in.  If you are in the photo and have a password you can download high resolution files.  If you see a photo of artwork by one of those featured and you purchase a print all proceeds will be donated to the K.R.I.S. Foundation that was set up by a friend to honor the daughter she lost.  100% of the funds are used to help further the education of underprivileged children, one of Kris's passions.


Wakisha surrounded by friends and fellow survivors.  Each wrote a word or two to describe how they see her.  I am honored to have taken this photo of her and her friends, all survivors.Wakisha Wakisha surrounded by friends and fellow survivors who are supporting her in her battle.  Each wrote a word or two to describe.  I am honored to have taken this photo of her and her friends, all survivors.


Steve Childs Steve Childs​ pictured on one of his last photo walks.  This was taken with an infrared camera giving it the otherworldly look he so loved.  Steve spent 40 days in the hospital fighting cancer.  I took my vacation to spend as much time with him as I could, they were some of the best spent days of my life.  Click this photos to see the page dedicated to the many photos he took during his final journey.