Simply Photos | CDP Company Show 2014
  CDP 2014 Company Show Click on the thumbnail to view the gallery.  More photos will be added every day.

Opening Number


Thank you for viewing our photographs! It was such a pleasure to enjoy the fantastic work of the CDP staff and your daughters. Please remember that these photos are straight out of the camera, other than being resized for the web and having the performance name added, but we wanted to get some photos up for you to see.  As time allows these will be replaced with edited photos to showcase your childs talent.   If you have questions please feel free to contact us at Thank you for letting us be a part of your day, Steve and Tayler Coad.


The Maze

Motion Lines

Party Girl

A Star Is Born


Natural Woman

Natural Woman at CDP Company Show






Bubble Trouble

Patient Love

People Help The People




Walking On Sunshine



Ahoy Allegro


Ghost Town


Bom Bom







Say Yeah


Just Dance




The 4 Elements


Sixteen Candles


Heads Will Roll




Depth Over Distance







Bad Apples




Natalie Solo


Disco Inferno

Instant Replay


Heaven Hop


Drop The Goodies


Penny Lane


All You Need Is Love


Nicolle Solo


I'll Be There




Never Wanted Your Love


Can't Hold Me Back


Music Box Dancer



We Speak No Americano


Man Wanted




Silver Screen


Ann-Catherine Solo


Pink Panther


You Belong To Me


The Library


We Were Rock And Roll



Hold Your Hand


Meredith Solo




Senior Trio


Sparkle Jolly


Don't Matter