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Anytime I have to write something about photography, I have to pause. What kind of art do I love? Am I a lover of "the defining moment", or a lover of the skillful hand on the brush. Both are special, but photography has always fascinated me. I remember watching my grandmother spend several minutes, sometimes hours, with her 8x10 view camera, setting up a single shot. She would then carry that massive single piece of film back to her darkroom to perform alchemy, turning a lifeless piece of cellulose into a black-and-white masterpiece.  Precision, quickness, and attention to detail all contribute to creating the perfect shot.


Due to our team's diverse background, we are able to specialize in many areas. Our areas of expertise are weddings, sports, portraits, and high fashion. However, we are also proficient in studio work, lifestyle, architecture, and fine art photography.

Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing the look on a young woman's face when she views the photos from her bridal shoot or graduate portrait session and realizes she is more beautiful than she knew. What about a corporate professional who has never posed for a portrait, who suddenly sees themselves in a new and better light? These are not moments we feel compelled to share, but we must, or there would be only blank pages on this website. So please take a moment to browse our website, view our photos, and let us know if you like them.


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