Simply Photos | About The Photographers

Steve is our most tenured photographer, he has been with Simply Photos since 2008.  He is what some photographers call a "dinosaur" because he does crazy things like use film and light meters.  Steve specializes in portraits, weddings and college football as well as wildlife and landscapes.  All of the infrared photos you see on our website were taken by Steve.  His work has been published many times and he has sold hundreds of fine art prints that are hanging in private collections and corporate offices world wide.


Kathryn is the youngest of our photographers, but don't let that fool you as she has a keen eye and wit.  She is a former runway model who found her true calling lays on the other side of the camera.  Her areas of interest are weddings, portraiture, high fashion and is learning the art of infrared photography.  Her motto is "I came, I saw, I made it awkward" but in reality Kathryn has a way of making clients feel at ease and it shows in the great photos she takes.  Look for her upcoming blog entries from an out of country assignment.




Doug is a longtime photographer who specializes in sports, weddings, portraiture and landscapes.  Doug loves working with people, finding the best angle to photograph people and making people laugh.  Doug’s super power is posing groups of people!