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40 Days Through The Lens

How you deal with adversity in life may not define you, but it says much about you.

My friend Steve Childs was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Again.  As a person who has already survived cancer he should not have had to go through this, but life is not fair and Steve did not complain.  He just went about the business of the battle while sharing his thoughts and his vision.  Steve was an inspiration to the other patients, his doctors, his nursing staff and his friends.  He got up and walked every day, exploring the hospital, making friends and taking pictures.  Really good pictures.  He made many wonderful photographs.  Yes, made not took.  There is a difference and he knew it.  The vile effects of chemo and the toll it took on his body made his hands less steady some days, but the artistic vision and love of life never wavered.  It was always there along with his quick smile and a joke.  Sadly Steve lost his 40 day battle on 12/15/14.

This page is dedicated to Steve, his photographs and photographs of Steve taken during his hard fought battle with cancer.  The body may have grown frail and ultimately stopped fighting, but his spirit never did.  Enjoy his photographs, it would make him happy.  

Duke Chapel by Steve Childs

Color Photos

Duke Hospital

Infrared Photos

Photos of Steve